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InfraLeuna GmbH

InfraLeuna GmbH is the owner and operator of the infrastructural institutes which are situated in Leuna. It works in accordance with the low profit principle. The partner's interests are divided between numerous companies which have their seat here. Our company philosophy can be expressed in few words: you concentrate on your main business, we design and develop the structural conditions for your production. We offer an attractive range of services: amongst others, this includes the supply of required media such as power and water, the disposal via the central sewage treatment plant together with analytics in our modern laboratories. Our service areas such as security services, works medical service, analytics and logistics enable a cost-optimized and efficient work. Furthermore, InfraLeuna is not only a service provider but also a site developer. Modern site management, marketing and assistance with settling, with the application for promotional funds for example, are a matter of course for ourselves. Our knowledge, experience and a team of qualified and motivated employees have already convinced large international chemical groups that they should settle in Leuna.


Technology Park Höchst

Infraserv Höchst is a leading site operator and industrial service provider for chemical and pharma and related process industries. With proven know-how and absolute reliability, Infraserv allows its customers to concentrate on their core business and thereby making an important contribution to their success. Infraserv operates one of the largest European production and research sites: the Industrial Park Frankfurt-Höchst. We invite you to visit our website for more information.

We are offering: lab/office space, up scaling, pilot plant, production space, land


TechnoMarl GmbH

Marl Technology and Chemical Centre (TechnoMarl) offers all technologically oriented business start-ups not only a starting point but also a point of contact for their business activities. The centrally located building complex is part of the Marl-Frentrop Industrial and Technology Park and offers a variety of activities, representing a powerful integration force for the entire Marl area. Since the foundations were laid in 1989, TechnoMarl has adapted to new challenges by expanding the space and facilities available. Currently, some 4,300 square metres of office, laboratory and workshop space are available. Areas of 25 square metres and upwards are available with a variety of features.
Apart from industrial areas, Techno-Marl also offers conference, convention and training facilities featuring modern equipment. The integration of Marl, located between the industrial Ruhr area and the scenic Münsterland, into the European economic zone offers considerable benefits in terms of location factors. Facilities such as motorways, waterways, railways, pipelines and an airport are all located in the immediate vicinity, making any destination easy to reach.


Industriepark Gersthofen Servicegesellschaft

The industrial park offers a unique infrastructure, high-capacity raw materials and energy compound systems, qualified staff and a wide range of comprehensive services tailor-made to suit the individual needs of a company.

The industrial park's resources include:

* an excellent rapport with the surrounding community residents and a willingness for ongoing open dialogue
* very short licensing times thanks to excellent liaison with government agencies
* approx. 3 hectares of expansion area in the industrial park including 35 hectares of developed space well connected to transport just north of the plant premises.
* virtually full, scaleable support thanks to well coordinated partners
* connections to the motorway (Autobahn A8) and A-road (Bundesstraße B2
* rail connection
* near to the Augsburg-Mülhausen regional airport

The comprehensive range of services offered by the industrial park includes:

* Waste disposal
* Cafeteria
* Biological clarification plant
* Power supply (electricity, steam, natural gas, cooling water, gases)
* Communications network
* Material supply
* Metal, electrical, plastics workshops
* Emergency assistance/organisation
* Personnel management
* Plant fire brigade
* Plant safety
* Plant medical services

Find out more about the comprehensive services offered by IGS.


Industriepark Werk GENDORF

Open and dynamic structure
The GENDORF site represents a modern and innovative concept of industrial cooperation between the corporate enterprises and services located here. Between 1993 and 1998, Werk GENDORF group emerged from the old factories of the HOECHST-Konzern into a modern association of independent companies with an open and dynamic structure. In recent years three other companies have joined the group along with new installations.

The strong network of Global Players consists of medium-sized and smaller, innovative companies engaged in research and other services and provides the perfect foundation for every new company that locates here.

Turnover, investments, markets
About 60% of Werk GENDORF's manufacturing companies export into European and International markets with an annual turnover of 1,1 billion EURO.
The significant economic impact Werk GENDORF has on the Chemical Triangle area of Southeastern Bavaria becomes obvious when one realizes that every year, more than 250 million EURO flow into the regional economy.

The continuing investments into Werk GENDORF's further expansion amounted to more than 50 million EURO in the last couple of years. They significantly exceeded the depreciation limits.

Werk GENDORF has about 4,000 employees, including 270 trainees. Their high level of qualifications is made possible through large investments in focused continuing education within the plant, in plant-owned training facilities as well as in external institutions. About 40% of the staff are working full-time shifts.


Industriepark Wolfgang

Wolfgang Industrial Park is the innovative Production and Research Centre for Material Technology, Specialty Chemistry and Pharmaceutics in the Rhine/Main area. The operator of the park is the Industriepark Wolfgang GmbH Company (IPW GmbH).

At the Hanau location, young companies work side by side with established, international corporations. Companies such as Evonik Industries, Umicore and Dentsply International are running important research and development sites as well as production facilities at Wolfgang Industrial Park.
Together, the eleven companies based at the park employ a total of 4,500 people.

A compact network of regional universities and scientific institutes, ideal railway and motorway connections plus a direct connection to the Frankfurt/Main International Airport strengthen the level of attractiveness of the industrial park that is located in the heart of Europe. It is the only high-technology location in Europe with complete infrastructure for material sciences that is open to investors.



berlinbiotechpark was founded on the former production site of Schering AG, Berlin, a pharmaceutical company operating worldwide. Already today, the berlinbiotechpark is a first class location for technology companies in the Life Sciences sector. berlinbiotechpark offers excellent infrastructure for research and production, in an inner-city location, with ideal transport connections.

Dr. Arno Krotzky, chief executive officer of metanomics KGaA says: „berlinbiotechpark is particularly interesting for us as it offers us the possibility to bundle research and production in one location. For a growing biotechnology company it is almost impossible to find comparable conditions in Berlin.“ metanomics has been a tenant in the berlinbiotechpark since 1998.

Due to the space and infrastructure offered, berlinbiotechpark will develop into an internationally renowned high-tech address.

In the berlinbiotechpark companies benefit from the possibility to combine research, development and production activities in one location and the flexibility to expand. The buildings required can be made available at short notice, based on the master plan.
The master plan shows the development of the areas: the site is divided into four quarters, situated around the central square, the „Forum“, with trees and areas to sit down and relax. This is also where the canteen, the bank and the medical services are located. In addition to the existing 53,000 sq.m., there is a building potential for a further 47,000 sq.m. of office, laboratory and production space in the first phase. The second phase allows for a further 30,000 m² of rental area.



chem2biz is a technology centre based on the chemical site of BASF SE. In close cooperation the TechnologieZentrum Ludwigshafen am
Rhein GmbH/BIC Rhein-Neckar (TZL) and BASF SE offer chemistry-based companies a comprehensive palette of services that is unique in Europe. The Public-Private Partnership is financed by the Rhineland-Palatine Ministry of Eco-nomics, the City of Ludwigshafen and BASF SE.

The chem2biz initiative acts as an ideal partner for establishing a business as well as for all existing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the chemistry-based fields of chemistry, nanotechnology, new materials, bio-technology and process engineering.
On the BASF premises, companies have access to office space and laboratories, as well as numerous services, such as maintenance and repair shop services, technical advisory and personnel services, and energy supply. Alongside the possibility of using technical facilities, chem2biz clients can also count on support in authorisation procedures and can make use of analytical services.
Enterprises are accompanied by TechnologieZentrum Ludwigshafen in their business management affairs. TZL offers advice on company formation and growth to all technology-oriented and innovative businesses. Furthermore, clients are provided with office services as well as the possibility of integration into the network activities of TZL.

This full service offer on the part of BASF and TZL enables start-up compa-nies and SMEs to focus on their business concept.

A joint initiative of TechnologieZentrum Ludwigshafen am Rhein GmbH (TZL) and BASF SE
Donnersbergweg 1
D-67059 Ludwigshafen

phone: +49 (0)621 5953-0
fax: +49 (0)621 5953-120

Project manager: Michael Hanf
phone: +49 (0)621 5953-114


Das CeraTechCenter (CTC) in Höhr-Grenzhausen (Rheinland-Pfalz)

Das CeraTechCenter ist ein Gründerzentrum für keramische Technologien und Werkstoffe; einzigartig in Deutschland mit Standort in Rheinland-Pfalz! Das Center ist sehr verkehrsgünstig an der A 48 gelegen. Die Autobahnen A 3 (Köln/Frankfurt) und die A 61 (Ludwigshafen-Köln) sind von hier aus in wenigen Minuten zu erreichen. Der ICE-Bahnhof Montabaur ist nur 10 Minuten vom Standort entfernt. Die Flughäfen Köln-Bonn und Frankfurt erreicht man mit dem Pkw in 30 bis 50 Minuten. Durch das CTC baut Höhr-Grenzhausen seine Position als "Kompetenzzentrum Keramik" weiter aus. Neben vielen angesiedelten Einrichtungen sind die "Fachhochschule - Fachbereich - Werkstofftechnik Glas und Keramik" und das "Forschungsinstitut für Anorganische Werkstoffe - Glas/Keramik (FGK) GmbH" besonders hervorzuheben; beide Institutionen befinden sich auf dem Gelände des CeraTechCenters. Daraufhin können Existenzgründer des CTC jederzeit auf ein Expertennetzwerk sowie eine sehr moderne technische Infrastruktur zurückgreifen. Neben der umfangreichen fachlichen Unterstützung ist die betriebswirtschaftliche Beratung ebenfalls gewährleistet. Zentrale Servicebereiche und eine moderne Empfangs- und Ausstellungshalle runden das Leistungsangebot ab. Die CTC- Gründereinheiten können von innovativen Unternehmensgründern angemietet werden. Es stehen mehrere Einheiten in unterschiedlichen Größenordnungen zur Verfügung. Die Raumgestaltung ist flexibel in Büro-, Forschungs- und Produktionsflächen möglich.

Ansprechpartner für Detailinformationen: Herr Markus Ströher

WFG Kannenbäckerstadt mbH
Rheinstr. 60 a
56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen
Tel.: +49 (0) 26 24/9473-0
Fax: +49 (0) 26 24/9473-129

Geschäftsführer: Markus Ströher
HRB: 1242